Hue University ranks 2nd in the list of prestigious international scientific papers commended by Education and Training Ministry
Update1/18/2021 10:34:40 AM
Education and Training Ministry recently promulgated Decision No. 4904/QD-BGDDT to commend affiliated units having many scientific papers published on ISI journal list 2020.

With 415 papers, Hue University ranked second and was awarded VND 976 million. Among undergraduate institutions of Education and Training Ministry, Hue University has been ranked second in terms of the number of international prestigious scientific papers in 2018 (195), 2019 (225) and 2020 (321). 

In 2020, Hue University had 415 papers published on Scopus journal list. This number was 1,5 times as many as that in 2019.

As informed by the Director of Hue University, Associate Professor, Ph. D Nguyen Quang Linh, Hue University would make further efforts to complete its objectives and tasks. In detail, Hue University is expected to become a national university; undertake reconstruction; build and enhance the quality of staff, especially strategic staff and those working in key fields; innovate current teaching method; enhance training quality; take measures to create many scientific technological products; make breakthrough in revenues earned from science and technology; promote international cooperation along with training and scientific research, ect.

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