Experience smart tourism services at Phuoc Tich ancient village (Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district)
Update6/7/2021 2:11:44 PM
Visitors will have a chance to visit Phuoc Tich village by bicycle
Visitors will have a chance to visit Phuoc Tich village by bicycle
Phuoc Tich (Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province) is the 2nd ancient village recognized as national relic. Nowadays, traditional values are kept intact at this Northern Central village. Located by the O Lau river, this 5000-year-old ancient village is home to unique "nha ruong" (wooden panel house), the landscape and identity of a typical Vietnamese village. Recently, smart tourism services were piloted at Phuoc Tich by Vietsoftpro, Tourism Department and Information and Communications Department, attracting visitors to discover and experience heritage values in this ancient village.

Accordingly, Vietsoftpro developed 3D digitalization program and general smart tourism system. In association with Vietravel, the program will welcome visitors. Coming to Phuoc Tich ancient village, visitors may ride smart bicycle which is unlocked and started by scanning QR-codes), audio guide and virtual reality travel assistant. As many relics, clan houses and unique wooden pannel houses were introduced in detail via software, tourists have an opportunity to learn more about the history and value of Phuoc Tich architecture.   

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam - the Officer of the Management Board of Phuoc Tich ancient village kindly informed that visitors will have exciting experience thanks to audio guide and smart bicycle. Pressing buttons on audio guide, visitors will receive information regarding to destinations such as Cay Thi, lo Gom, mieu Doi, etc. The Management Board of Phuoc Tich village placed QR-codes at destinations. Instead of using audio guide, visitors may scan QR-codes to update information at ease.

As informed by Vietsoftpro, this model fully reflects heritages, cultural and historical values of this Vietnamese ancient village. A smart tourism system including tourism portal which is available on website and mobile, virtual tourism assistant, VR360, audio guide system, smart bicycle, sharing electronic publications, etc was developed in Phuoc Tich village. These technologies are planned to create a foundation for Thua Thien Hue province. The pilot model launched in Phuoc Tich village is expected to serve visitors and develop public services.

According to Mr. Doan Quyet Thang - the Vice Director in charge of the management board of art and architecture relics in Phuoc Tich village, there are many positive feedbacks from visitors and the public on the pilot program. It is an important foundation which allows Phong Dien district to call for investment, comprehensively develop its tourism infrastructure, ensure that current ecological environment is suitable with the art and architecture of Phuoc Tich village. On this basis, Phuoc Tich village was upgraded, drawing domestic and foreign tourists.


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