At the training class
On August 9th 2022, a tourist service training class was held for households and individuals providing tourism services at Phuoc Tich village (Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district) by the Management Board of Arts and Architecture relic and Phong Dien district's Vocational Training and Regular Education Center.

During two days, households and individuals were instructed some communication, service and problem-solving skills. The organizer also provided trainees basic knowledge of tourism, customer's psychology, requirements and skills that native tour guides need while accompanying tourists visiting places of interests and staying at the village. After theory part, trainees acted as tour guides and introduced Phuoc Tich ancient village to near and far tourists. 

The training course is expected to help on-site guides broaden their knowledge of public tourism, particularly skills needed to lead tourists to destinations; equip them with basic skills needed in tourist services to enhance service quality; help villagers become more confident while welcoming tourists; enhance the image of local tourism; make effort to provide more professional tourism services.