On September 5th, the new academic year 2020-2021 was officially kicked off in Thua Thien Hue province. It was a special school opening ceremony held in Covid-19 pandemic context.

Organized at localities province-wide, the school opening ceremony this year was short and simple without any unnecessary activities. In an attempt to ensure the teaching and learning quality as well as students' safety, schools instructed their staff, students and students' parents to install Bluezone application, to wear face mask and wash their hands regularly with soap or hand-washing solutions. Besides, several measures were taken in serious manner such as keeping the class rooms and school campus clean and free from bacteria, preparing necessary infrastructure, facilities, etc.

This year, Huong Thuy town has 25.000 students. The figures for A Luoi and Nam Dong district is 12.000 and 7.000 respectively. Both Huong Tra town and Phong Dien district has 22.000 students, while Phu Vang district stands out with 34.000 students.

Photos taken at the new school year ceremony in schools across the province: