Sinh village wrestling festival is annually held at Lai An village, so-called Sinh village (Phu Mau commune, Hue city) on the 10th day of the first lunar month. It is a traditional cultural activity expressing the spirit of chivalry, an exciting occasion attracting visitors in the spring. Sinh village wrestling festival has existed for hundreds of year. It has become a local distinctive culture.

Early founded in Thuan Hoa, Sinh village is home to famous wooden painting craft, and traditional culture. Particularly, the wrestling festival was held on the 10th day of the first lunar month every year. The event attracted thousands of locals and visitors here and there.

Organized in one day, Sinh wrestling festival is divided into two parts, namely ceremony and festivities. The ceremony is solemnly held at Lai An village hall where the elderly organized ceremony to show gratitude to the village founders and heads of clans. After that, the festival is officially launched. Sinh village wrestling festival basically applies national wrestling rule. The winner should knock down his opponent in “lam lung trang bung” position and held him tight in 3 seconds.

What’s special in Sinh village wrestling festival is that any audience can join in the game. In addition to “Can” prize, the organizer also presented awards to all wrestlers. Besides, dangerous movements are banned.

As “experiencing” rather than “winning” is the main focus of the festival, locals far and near are attracted to Sinh village. The festival is also considered as an effort made to effectively maintain traditional culture as locals themselves join hand to conserve the festival.

Sinh village wrestling festival has become a big event, a distinctive cultural feature which becomes a part of Sinh villagers. Over ups and downs, Sinh wrestling festival has been changed to adapt with the new context, however traditional values are still can be found in this ancient cultural space. This festivity is still here to stay in the heart of Hue villagers. These prove for the long-lasting cultural values of the festival.

Sinh village is only about 7,5km from Hue city center, which is convenient for Hue locals and visitors. This year, visitors may choose to join in the traditional event in person or watch livestream on social networking sites, such as VisitHue (

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy local specialties such as beef noodle soup, traditional rice dumplings, cassava dumpling, thick rice noodle soup, etc.

In addition to Thu Le wrestling village, locals and visitors may participate in Thu Le wrestling festival which is annually held on the sixth day of the first lunar month at Sia townlet, Quang Dien district. This year, the festival is held on he ninth day of the first lunar month due to unfavorable weather conditions.