This photo exhibition is one of the side activities in "Voi chien khu xua" Duong Hoa 2022 program
The photo exhibition themed "Chien khu xua va nay" (battlefield now and then) was recently opened at Bia Chien tich, Duong Hoa commune on July 30th, 2022. It is a part of "Voi chien khu xua" Duong Hoa (with the old battlefield, Duong Hoa) 2022 program organized by Huong Thuy town.

At the event, 30 excellent photos taken by local photographers during discovering the beauty of nature such as Da Dam waterfall, Ta Trach lake, Duong Hoa village hall, Duong Hoa battlefield, etc and peaceful moments of locals' daily life were on display. These photos help visitors enjoy cultural beauty, festivals, heritages and landscapes from new unique angles.

In addition, visitors had a chance to enjoy moments at a new school year opening ceremony in the 1990s; the pride of the Party Committee, the government and people of Duong Hoa when receiving the heroic title of the armed force; embraces and tears of veteran soldiers when returning to the battlefield where heroic soldiers risked their lives to struggle against colonists. There were also 20 paintings of students featuring landscapes and traditional festivals in Huong Thuy town.

Veteran soldiers by a photo of Duong Hoa battlefield market

The photo exhibition was aimed at promoting cultural and historic values, making contribution to tourism promotion, paying tribute to ancestors, awaking the pride of revolutionary history, respecting and maintaining priceless historic values, said the vice director of Culture and Information Division of Huong Thuy town Nguyen Nguyen.

The exhibition takes place from July 30th to August 1st, 2022.