Neu pole erecting ceremony is held on new year occasion

(TTH Portals) - Within the framework of lunar new year 2023, a Neu pole erecting ceremony was held at Trieu To Mieu and The To Mieu by Hue Monuments Conservation Center on January 14 (the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month).

In the past, this ceremony was organized when Tet is in the air. It was aimed to celebrate new year, pray for peace and favorable weather condition.

As soon as the neu pole was erected in the imperial city, citizens started erecting neu pole and held offering ceremony.

Nowadays, the neu pole-erecting ceremony is annually organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center to create a joyful atmosphere on lunar new year occasion.

Neu pole erecting has played a meaningful role to Vietnamese. It is a practice, commonly appeared in folk and royal life under Nguyen dynasty. It has been conserved, inherited and developed.

Photos taken at the neu pole – erecting ceremony: