Nguyen Van Manh
Chairman of district's People’s Committee



- Comprehensively lead, manage and administrate activities of the People's Committee; directly steers and administers the following fields social-economic development strategy and plan, national defense and security; external relation; finance - budget; the decision on project scope and investment project approval; compensation, support and resettlement within projects; organizational structure, affairs related to cadres and civil servants; social reform, investment promotion; authority building; administrative boundary; the proposal on national standard school; the decision on transferring land use purpose; home affairs, inspection and religious affairs; relevant complaints and denouncements; the practice of saving, corruption and wastefulness prevention; crime and social evils prevention; HIV/AIDS prevention; problems related to emulation, commendation and discipline; traffic safety; disaster control, search and rescue; national objective programs and objective programs; the cooperative relation among district People’s Committee, the Standing Committee of district Party Committee, Standing Committee of district People’s Council; people’s court; district people’s procuracy; the management board of provincial economic and industrial zones.

Phan Cong Man
Vice Chairman of the district's People’s Committee



- Be in charge of the following fields planning and basic construction; urban construction and management; street naming; transportation (excluding traffic safety); natural resources and environment management; checking and approving land use right certificate (excluding the decision on transferring land use purpose); labor, invalids and social affairs; price and market management; trade, tourism and services; problems related to traffic safety; health, population - family and children; social insurance and medical insurance.

Tran Van Minh Quan
Vice Chairman of the district's People’s Committee

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Hoang Van De
Vice Chairman of the district's People’s Committee
Tel: 0234.3676679
Email: hvde.phuloc@thuathienhue.gov.vn

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