Hue Festival 2022 opening program (illustration photo)
The ticket price of art programs and royal banquet to be held within the framework of Hue International Art Festival 2024 was recently released by Hue Festival 2024 Organizer.

Accordingly, the ticket price for the opening program to take place at Kien Trung Palace - Hue Imperial Citadel at 8:00 PM, June 7, 2024. The most expensive ticket price is VND 350.000 for A3 seat (at the middle of the stage) while that for both B1 seat (to the right of the stage) and B2 seat (to the left of the stage) are VND 300.000.

On June 7, 2024, “Trinh Cong Son - “Tinh yeu tim thay” music program will be organized at Kien Trung Palace - Hue Imperial Citadel at 8:00 PM. The ticket price ranges from VND 450.000 (B1 and B2 area, both sides, without seat) to VND 950.000 (A2 central seat). The medium price ticket are available for A2 area (VND 750.000) and A3 area (VND 550.000).

The ticket for the royal banquet which is organized at Can Chanh palace - Hue Citadel at 6:30 AM on June 8 costs VND 2.000.000. Joining the program, visitors have a chance to experience royal dishes under Nguyen dynasty, unique performances such as the royal court music, Hue royal music - world cultural heritage.

Visitors attending  “Am thuc dem Hoang cung” program (at 6:30 PM, June 10, at Truong Sanh Palace - Hue Citadel) will pay VND 1.500.000. With up to 37 dishes and 5 kinds of fruit, this special culinary show in Hue Festival 2024 brings visitors an opportunity to enjoy royal performances and the sparkling space of Truong Sanh Palace, one of the 20 most beautiful spots under Nguyen dynasty.

Ten percent discount is applied to units and businesses taking visitors to the program (contract signed with Hue Monuments Conservation Center). Groups with more than 15 members accompanied by tour guide will enter art programs for free.