Provincial leaders attend the festival
(TTH Portals) - On June 8, 2024, the light festival was opened at Thai Binh Lau Pavilion and Thieu Phuong Royal garden - Hue Imperial City. Vice Permanent Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province Nguyen Thanh Binh; Counselor for Cultural Cooperation and Activities, Director of the French Institute in Vietnam, Mrs. Sophie Maysonnave, leader representatives of departments, agencies and visitors attended the event.

As a combination of technology and creativity, Thai Binh Lau Pavilion and Thieu Phuong Royal garden shined by artworks installed. Visitors had a chance to enjoy a fantastic world during discovering the party of sounds and light.

Sparkling Thai Binh Lau pavilion and Thieu Phuong Royal garden

Hue traditional lanterns, trees with man-made roots and sparkling lotus flowers took visitors to the world of fantasy and imagination.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mrs. Sophie Maysonnave kindly informed that the light festival was co-held by teams from France and Vietnam. Taking place at Thai Binh Lau Pavilion in 2 weeks, the event will bring visual and sound artworks that are tailored for Hue Festival.

To create this installation art space, the team had created a specially-designed centralized controlling system which consists of 9 data servers, 22 electronic cards, cable and thousands of light. These lighted up buildings, gardens, trees, miniature mountains and lakes.

As informed, the team from France and Vietnamese partners were in charge of holding the event. The light festival also showed efforts made by AC3 Studio in creating and finding technical solutions over the past year. They brought visitors a nice experience at Thai Binh Lau Pavilion and Thieu Phuong Royal garden.

Lotus flower lighted up

Photos taken at the event: