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The Chi Tay yellow apricot bonsai village

Update6/2/2020 1:36:17 PM
Yellow apricot blossom (Photo: internet)
Yellow apricot blossom (Photo: internet)
Located in Dien Hoa commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province, The Chi Tay is a small village, about 25km from National Road 1A. Apricot bonsai has been planted in the village for hundreds of years and been a part of local cultural life. Over 400 years since its establishment, locals have earned their livelihood from planting rice, raising cattle and poultry. In addition, villagers inherited and showed their creativity in planting bonsai, especially apricot. It is the main source of livelihood to more than 30% of locals.

For the most beautiful shape, The Chi Tay apricot bonsai is carefully taken care of for 3 years. Commonly, apricot bonsai trees are in the shape of dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix. Only in The Chi Tay village that dragon cloud and landing dragon shaped trees are found. In addition to years of good care, apricot blossom lovers should notice its root, trunk, branch and flower bud. It is said that all big apricot bonsai trees in Hue are from Dien Hoa commune.

Yellow apricot blossom (Photo: internet)

There are many kinds of apricot such as Hoang Truc Mai, Hoang Diep Mai, Diep Cuc Mai, etc. Of all, Hoang Truc Mai is the rarest specie. Thanks to its natural condition, The Chi Tay's apricot blossoms are big, bright yellow in color, fragrant and long-lasting. According to a famous craftsmen, it is weather condition that decides when the flower blossoms.

These above-mentioned values create local cultural identity, and the distinctive feature of The Chi Tay village.

The Chi Tay yellow apricot bonsai village was recognized as provincial traditional craft village on Decision No. 3078/QD-UBND dated December 28th, 2018 (Photo: internet)
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