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Scrolls and hangings craft in Chuon village

Update5/13/2020 4:09:00 PM
Chuon, also known as An Truyen is a village in Phu An commune, Phu Vang district. Although farming is local main means of livelihood, many villagers passed examinations and worked as mandarins in the past.

Local studious tradition is reflected on their scrolls and hangings. Villagers not only write beautifully, but also know how to show off the beauty of their handwriting on scrolls.

On Tet holiday, locals decorate their houses with scrolls and hangings or give them to friends and relatives as presents. Villagers started printing scrolls and hangings for Tet in October. Usually, each family prints hundreds or even thousands sets of scrolls and hangings during such a period. Today, this traditional craft needs to be maintained and encouraged.

The paper usually used for printing newspaper is dyed red, yellow or green. Color powders bought from local markets are mixed with a sticky liquid. Seashell powder can also be used, however it is mixed with blue pigment to create a mild white color. The ratio of the powder and pigment is 10:1.

Similar to the four-piece screen, each set of flower scroll consists of 4 pieces.  The text scroll includes a "Dai tu" (large character) and a couplet. As its name suggests, characters are in big-size for "Dai tu". Like couplets or the four-piece screens, scrolls are vertically hung on the wall or pillars. "Dai tu" is placed separately or at the middle of the couplet for best wishes.
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