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Rice grinding singing

Update8/21/2020 11:00:59 AM
"Ho gia gao" in Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge (Photo: Lam Truc)
"Ho gia gao" in Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge (Photo: Lam Truc)
Ho gia gao (literally "rice grinding" singing) used to be one of the popular activities in Thua Thien Hue rural areas. It was also held in the city, attracting craftsmen and locals near and far. Today, exciting shows organized in Truong Ba Tuan, a famous theater in Hue city in early 20th century are still clear in the mind of senior generations.

"Rice grinding" singing gradually transformed from a side-line activity taken place while grinding rice into a music activity. It attracted a large number of participants thanks to its exciting and appealing atmosphere. What makes the "Rice grinding" show appealing is the connection between singers and audiences.

A couple of rice-grinding pots are placed on a large yard. Singers may directly join in grinding or only sing along. It is kicked off with a greeting part. This is to say singers invite audiences who standing around the yard to participate in the game. Then, the show is followed up by a pretty challenging singing quiz in which males have to answer questions raised by females. If they are too hard, males may overcome by using their sense of humor and intelligence.

The next round is called "ho dam bat". As its name suggests, this part involves having jokes. The last round which is always the most interesting part of the show is "ho nhan ngai" or also called "ho an tinh". Through romantic and emotional songs, males and females show their desire for love. They give each other the most respectful and beautiful words. This way, talented youngsters contribute to composing hundreds thousands of idioms about love.
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