Tuesday, 28/06/2022
My Xuyen and Thuan Hoa wood carving
Update5/11/2020 3:31:40 PM

In the past, artisans worked individually. They used to bring handy toolkit with them to customers' house where they turned elephant ivory and wood into beautiful durable artworks. As no carving training class is available, novices directly learn by practice and directly instructed by skillful artisans. 

Many products of My Xuyen and Thuan Hoa won gold and silver medals in province-wide as well as nation-wide competitions. Lively wooden artworks describe human, animals, etc.

Dragon pattern on wood carving product (Photo: internet)

In the past, the main material for carving is elephant ivory. However, precious wood species are usually used today. From senseless block of wood, artisans created dragons, phoenix, horses, elephants, cats, dragon boats, hero, etc. The same theme may come in various designs despite being produced by the same workshop.