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My Loi village hall - the national art and architecture relic

Update8/4/2022 10:07:53 AM
My Loi village hall (photo: Mai Vui)
My Loi village hall (photo: Mai Vui)
Address: My Loi village, Vinh My commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province

My Loi village hall was first constructed at Khe Long (My Loi village today) in around 1669. Ruined by disaster, the structure was then moved to current position.

My Loi village hall was built in a wide south-west-facing plot of land, right in the center of the village. It faces spacious paddy field and river. The village hall consists of lotus lake, the three-entrance gate, front screen, Ta vu and Huu vu house. The village hall featured Nguyen dynasty's traditional architecture. The structure includes three compartments and two wings, following "nhat thi nhat hoa" (one poem, one painting), "tu linh" (four holy beasts), "long ma" (longma or literally translated as dragon horse) and "luong long chau nguyet" (two dragons flanking the moon) decorative style. Altars placed in the village hall were beautifully carved with pearl, dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix.  Particularly, there is a nearly 1.000 page document written in Chinese and Sino Vietnamese about the history of My Loi village.

My Loi village hall was recognized as a national art and architecture relic on decision No. 1460-QD-VH dated June 28th, 1996 of Culture and Information Ministry (Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry today).