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Minh Mang tomb

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Minh Mang tomb
Minh Mang tomb
Address: Huong Tho commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province Located in Cam Khe mount, Minh Mang tomb is located near Bang Lang intersection, about 14km from Hue city. The construction was commenced under Emperor Thieu Tri's reign from September 1840 to 1843.

Minh Mang tomb consists of 40 constructions such as palace, shrine, towers, etc arranged in a vertical axis along 700m long symmetric axis (Than dao) from Dai Hong gate to the wall behind the tomb. Minh Mang tomb looks like a person who leans his head on Kim Phung mount and stretches his legs to the river confluence. Two halves of Trung Minh lake looks like his arms.

At the beginning of symmetric axis (Than dao) is Dai Hong gate (the main gate to Minh Mang tomb) which is 9m high and 12m wide. It consists of three entrances. Of all, the middle entrance was opened once to receive Emperor's coffin. The two sided entrances are called Ta Hong gate (left) and Huu Hong gate (right). Behind Dai Hong gate locate a 45m x 45m courtyard and rows of mandarin, elephant and horse statutes. At one end of the courtyard stands the stele pavilion where “Thanh Duc than cong” stele inscribed merits of Emperor Minh Mang is placed. Accessing Hien Duc gate, visitors will reach palace area which is limited in a square citadel representing land. Located in the center, Sung An palace is surrounded by Ta (left), Huu (right), Phoi (front) palace and Ta Huu Tung room (behind). These rooms are constructed within a square citadel. Hoang Trach gate is the final architecture in palace area. Crossing 3 bridges on Trung Minh lake, visitors reach Minh Lau pavilion. The pavilion is considered as the place where the soul of the late Emperor returns. The new moon-shaped lake called Tan Nguyet surrounds the middle circular shaped citadel. It is the beginning of the ultimate world and the place where the Emperor rests in peace. There are many pairs of auxiliary constructions constructed along the main axes.

With its two lakes and beautiful decorative architecture, Minh Mang tomb is one of the most majestic constructions of Emperors under Nguyen dynasty.
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