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Khai Dinh tomb

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Khai Dinh tomb
Khai Dinh tomb
Address: Thuy Bang commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province Being crowned in 1916, Khai Dinh is the twelfth emperor of Nguyen dynasty. He is also the last emperor of Nguyen dynasty to prepare himself a "home in another world". Khai Dinh tomb was constructed on Chau Chu mount (also called Chau E) about 10km from Hue city. Being commenced on September 4th, 1920, it took 11 years to complete Khai Dinh tomb.

Some of the construction materials were bought from France (iron, steel, cement and Ardoise tile) and Japan (porcelain and glassware). Compared to other tombs in Hue, Khai Dinh tomb is smaller, yet more elaborate and time-consuming. It is the combination of East-West classic and modern architectures.

In general, Khai Dinh tomb is a rectangular construction with up to 127 steps. Mountains and streams around the tomb  not only serve as Feng-Shui elements but also create a majestic natural scenery.

Located in the highest position, Thien Dinh palace is the main architecture of Khai Dinh tomb. It consists of 5 adjacent parts i.e. sided rooms for bodyguards, the front palace called Khai Thanh which is dedicated to the altar and portrait of emperor Khai Dinh, the central space where emperor's statute and grave are placed. The altar of the late emperor is placed behind.

Of all, interior decoration of Thien Dinh palace enjoys the top art value. The three middle compartments of Thien Dinh palace are decorated with porcelain and colorful glassware. In particular, the one-ton bronze statute has beautiful gentle curves. Khai Dinh bronze statute was made in France in 1922 as ordered by the late Emperor.

The person who is in charge of creating art masterpieces in Khai Dinh tomb is artisan Phan Van Tach who composed the drawing called "Cuu long an van" (nine dragons amidst fleeting clouds) on the ceiling of Thien Dinh palace.

Khai Dinh tomb is the top of using porcelain and glassware in decoration. It enjoys high art and architecture values.
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