Sunday, 14/08/2022
Hue lifestyle
Update12/29/2017 4:14:13 PM
Hue rich culture is expressed through its lifestyle. Hue lifestyle derives from living art of generations of Hue locals and is enriched by Hue traditional culture.

Hue attracts domestic and foreign tourists for a number of reasons. It is home to both tangible and intangible cultural heritages. In addition, Hue originates from traditional culture which is accumulated, built and developed from the ancient capital city. It is a harmonious combination of country-wide and regional values, entire Vietnamese people and Hue native, traditional and modern values. Over time and the unceasing movement of life, these elements have been selected, supplemented and turned to quintessences forming Hue culture. It is also the core value of Hue traditional culture that needs to be respected, preserved and promoted.
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