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Hue Festival 2018

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Hue Royal Essences was the new program introduced on Hue Festival 2018 (Photo:
Hue Royal Essences was the new program introduced on Hue Festival 2018 (Photo:
The tenth Hue Festival themed "Cultural heritage with integration and development, Hue one destination - five heritages" took place from April 27th to May 2nd, 2018. The cultural event was an opportunity for countries to exchange and promote international relation. It was also a chance for Thua Thien Hue to broadcast national and local cultural features; promote tourism-services, socio-economic development during global integration process.

Hue Festival 2018 focused on national cultural quintessences, especially Hue cultural heritages and 5 UNESCO-recognized heritages (Hue Monuments Complex, Hue Court music, Nguyen dynasty's Woodblocks; Nguyen dynasty's royal documents and literature on Hue royal architecture), national heritages i.e. Hue singing and Zeng textile. Royal festivals and ceremonies such as Te Giao offering ceremony, Xa tac offering ceremony, Huyen Tran temple festival, Hon Chen shrine festival, the coronation ceremony of Emperor Nguyen Hue, etc were organized. What's special in Hue Festival 2018 was "Hue Royal Essences" organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center. Based on "Hue Citadel by night", the program aimed to honor 5 world cultural heritages and mark 25 years since Hue monuments complex was recognized as world cultural heritages.

Am Vong of the Huong river" program (Photo:

On this occasion, there were 1.400 professional artists including 388 foreign artists and nearly 1.000 domestic artists and thousands of non-professional artists. During the six-day-long event, 38 key art programs (80 shows), festivals and nearly 50 communal cultural activities took place at 17 stages across the province.

Street festival brings audiences a multi-color festival (Photo:

With spectacular cultural and art programs enjoying international stature, Hue Festival 2018 attracted nearly 1,2 million turns of visitors. The number of tourists to Hue is about 400.000. Besides, the event gathered 600 journalists from nearly 100 domestic news agencies and 12 reporters from 8 foreign news agencies. Over 6.000 articles on Hue Festival were published on newspapers, magazines, portals and e-newspapers.

Hue Festival 2018 closing ceremony (Photo:
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