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Hue Festival 2010

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The Aodai show held within Hue Festival 2010 (Photo: internet)
The Aodai show held within Hue Festival 2010 (Photo: internet)
Continue the success of previous seasons, Hue Festival 2010 themed "Cultural heritages with integration and development, towards the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi" took place from June 5th to June 13th, 2010 in Hue city. The event left a memorable impression on near and far tourists.

During the festival, there was a large number of artists, tourists and journalists attended the event. The bi-annual cultural event gathered nearly 70 art troupes from localities across Vietnam and 27 foreign countries. The total number of artists was over 1906. This included 500 international artists, over 5500 non-professional actors, actresses and many local artists. There were more than 3 million of visitors joining in festivities. Among 130.000 accommodated tourists, the number of foreigners was 30.000, an increase of 62,58% compared to 2008 data. On Hue Festival 2010 season, the province witnessed 83.299 turns of visitors to Hue monuments. The quantity of foreign tourists was 11.813, increasing 161,7% in comparison with previous season's data. The event also attracted over 668 journalists from 73 domestic news agencies and 22 foreign journalists. Huefestival.com website recorded up to 37.371 hits from 58 overseas territories and countries, especially the USA.

Marine maneuver under Nguyen dynasty (Photo: internet)

On this occasion, many Vietnamese records were established and honored such as the festival in which the marine maneuver under Nguyen dynasty was re-illustrated; "Hanh trinh mo coi"; “Hoi tho cua nuoc” - the first performance on underwater stage; the biggest paper tearing picture named "Den hen lai len"; "Pho tranh Festival" with the greatest number of paintings on display in a street; the installation art space with the largest number of Hue kites on Trang Tien Bridge; the word "dragon" (Chinese character) written in many different styles (1000 characters); the most spectacular Hue royal traditional festivals.

"Hanh trinh mo coi" program (Photo: internet)

Hue Festival 2010 was a national cultural event that enjoyed international stature and attracted far and near visitors in integration and cultural exchange process. The prestigious cultural event again confirmed the position of Hue, the city of Festival and national spectacular center for culture and tourism.

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