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Hue Festival 2006

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The opening ceremony (Photo: internet)
The opening ceremony (Photo: internet)
Successfully held on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Thua Thien Hue, Hue Festival 2006 took place from June 3rd to June 11th, 2006. The biannually held event left locals and foreign visitors with unforgettable impression.

The festival themed "700 years of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Thua Thien Hue" was the biggest cultural and tourism festival organized so far. It focused on advertising heritage architectures, for example, Hue Citadel, the Imperial City, the Huong river, dragon boat, garden house, royal tombs, Thien Mu pagoda, traditional craft artisans, as well as the traditional well-known gastronomy in South East Asian region. Particularly, "Truyen lo" ceremony (a ceremony in which candidates who passed the national examination were announced) and "Vinh quy bai to" ceremony (a home coming ceremony to pay tribute to ancestors after a successful academic examination) were brought to the stage for the first time.

The Aidai show held on Hue Festival 2006 (Photo: internet)

In addition to performances representing national culture performed by 22 domestic art troupes, Hue Festival 2006 gathered 22 international art troupes. The event attracted artists, musicians, and sculptors from localities across Vietnam and 19 foreign countries. There were nearly 1.500 domestic and foreign actors and actresses participating in 240 art programs. A wide range of  activities was also held on the sideline, for instance, trade fair, exhibition, scientific conference, etc. These festivities attracted nearly 1,5 million turns of visitor including 150.000 turns of foreigner from over 50 countries.

On Hue Festival 2006, nearly 700 journalists from 160 domestic and foreign news agencies attended and advertised the cultural event through their writings.

Of the 4 festival seasons held so far, Hue Festival 2006 was considered as the most successful. It not only well conserved, but also promoted cultural and art values. At the same time, the event contributed to accelerating the development of local services, tourism, economy as well as confirmed the position and cultural value of the ancient city.
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