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Hue Festival 2004

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Human chess is one of the cultural activities held within Hue Festival 2004
Human chess is one of the cultural activities held within Hue Festival 2004
Despite the impact of the Storm No. 2 in Central Vietnam, Hue Festival 2004, the biannual cultural event themed "Cultural heritage with integration and development" was successfully organized in Thua Thien Hue province from June 12th to June 20th, 2004.

On Hue Festival 2004, visitors were likely to be impressed by Vietnamese culture and Hue cultural identity through market, kite flying festival, traditional wrestling, handicraft products and particularly Hue Singing, which was recently recognized as the masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity and Nam Giao offering ceremony.

Nam Giao offering ceremony

The third festival season gathered 25 domestic art troupes and 15 foreign art troupes from France, China, Argentina, Australia, India, Germany and USA, etc. There were 1.300 professional artists, 2.000 amateur artists and technical staff. Up to 127 professional art performances, 37 community festivals and other sideline activities were held. They all created the soul of Hue - a cultural region representing for Vietnamese traditional identity.

"Imperial night" program organized on Hue Festival 2004 occasion 

Unlike Hue Festival 2002, the third Festival season was organized in 9 instead of 12 days and nights. However, the spectacular cultural event did not fail to prove its attraction as there were 1,2 million turns of visitor and 101.950 turns of tourist. The number of foreigners was 11.950.

Huong River on Festive season

Hue Festival 2004 was a national cultural and tourism festival achieving international stature. The event introduced featured art values of Vietnam, Hue and countries all over the world. Besides, it continued to motivate local tourism and culture as well as confirm Hue's position as the Festival city of Vietnam.
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