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Hue Festival 2000

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The logo of Hue Festival 2000 (Source: internet)
The logo of Hue Festival 2000 (Source: internet)
Approved by the Government, the first Hue Festival season was co-organized by Thua Thien Hue province and the French Embassy to Vietnam in 2000. It was the first national art, culture and tourism festival held in Vietnam, which attracted the participation of nation-wide typical cultural areas. The event was also an opportunity to access to French contemporary art, expand cultural exchanges and develop tourism economy.

Themed "Hue-the city of living art", Hue Festival 2000 took place in 12 days and nights from April 8th to April 19th, 2000. It gathered over 1000 professional and amateur artists from 30 domestic and foreign art troupes. There were more than 410.000 turns of participant. Of all, there were 41.000 turns of tourist with 6000 foreigners.

Kite flying is one of the traditional activities held within Hue Festival 2000 (Photo: internet)

Programs held within Hue Festival 2000 were divided into two categories, namely, high quality art programs performed by artists from France, Hue, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Bac Ninh held in Hue Citadel and various public art programs organized in many cultural sites. While activities such as boat race on the Huong River and kite flying helped keep local tradition alive, Hue Court Music and Hue Royal Music program vividly reflected royal culture. The twelve-day-long festival was also an opportunity for tourists to access to French culture through programs performed by French artists, namely, Triton by DCA, Guy Alloicherie CNAC or Régine Chopinot, etc.

Boat racing is also one of the traditional activities held within Hue Festival 2000 (Photo: internet)

Being the festival of culture, art and tourism, Hue Festival 2000 was held in national scope and enjoyed international stature. It accelerated the recovery of the province after the historical flood in 1999 as well as promoted local comparative advantage in the fields of culture and tourism.
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