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Hien Luong blacksmith village

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Situated in the north of the Bo river, Hien Luong village (Phong Hien commune, Phong Dien district) is home to skillful blacksmiths who create iron farming tools such as knife, hoe, plough, etc.
 In late Nguyen Lord period, early Tay Son and Nguyen dynasty, villagers were selected to enter "Da Tuong cuoc", a group of blacksmiths making weapons and metal objects for royal residences. Excellent blacksmiths such as Hoang Van Gia, Hoang Van Can, Hoang Van Lich were appointed as the managers of "Da Tuong Cuoc" or "bo Cong" (ministry of Public Works which is in charge of manufacturing weapons and tools). Particularly, Mr. Hoang Van Lich who worked as the foreman of weapon manufacturer located in Hue ancient capital successfully built a ship whose steam engine was made from a broken-down ship bought from the west. Two years later, he finished two big ships and honored by Emperor Minh Mang. This shows not only the talent of Hien Luong blacksmiths, but also a new path for local traditional craft.

For their careers, villagers moved to other localities across Thua Thien Hue province. Some still make farming tools while others change to adapt to new market by working as mechanics, repairing automobile or producing nails, lock, iron door, aluminum doors, etc. In Hue, villagers gathered together at Bao Vinh village (Huong Vinh commune) and continue to pursue their traditional career.

 Wherever they are, local artisans return to Hien Luong village and pay tribute to ancestor on every February 18th.