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Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theater

Update2/22/2019 2:45:12 PM
Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theater was constructed in 1826 on the foundation of Thanh Phong Theater which had been built in 1805 under the reign of Gia Long Emperor.

This royal theater was where the emperors, royal family members, and mandarins enjoyed the traditional art performances, particularly the ancient Tuồng of Nguyen Dynasty. In addition, many formal royal banquets for the foreign envoy were also taken place here. Nowadays, Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theater is a cozy and fantastic cultural venue for displaying and performing Nha Nhac-Royal Music which was proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Source: Travel guide Hue
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