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Co Lao village hall, a province-level architecture and art relic

Update7/7/2022 4:13:56 PM
Address: Huong Toan ward, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue province
Address: Huong Toan ward, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue province
Like other localities across Thua Thien Hue province, many religious architectures such as temple, pagoda and shrine were established to worship the Buddha, ancestors, village founders, etc were found in Co Lao. These were the places where villagers gathered together, prayed for favorable weather condition and peace, showed their belief and gratitude to those having merit to the country or village. They were even considered as the bridge between the past and present.

No document regarding to the establishment of this village hall is found. However, it is proved by practical researches, surveys and told by the elderly that no sooner than the village had been founded that the hall was established. It was since village founders settled in Trung Giang, to be specific. At the time, there were only 30 households living in the village. The hall was first made from bamboo, then, brick. After a long time, the village hall was repaired and reconstructed, using valuable types of woods such as jackfruit, ironwood, Merawan Giaza, etc. The three-compartment-two-wings architecture was roofed by tiles and decorated with patterns namely dragon, unicorn, turtle, phoenix, etc. In fine arts, Co Lao village hall is said to follow Hue ruong house's style.

Affected by natural disaster, floods and wars, Co Lao village hall was repaired in  1936, 1955, 1958, 1962 and 1998. After its latest renovation carried out by villagers far and near in 1998, the village hall stays solemn until now. In 2007, its floor was covered with floral tiles while altars and the back of the village hall was repainted.

On offering ceremony, grave-visiting festival, lunar new year, and festive days, villagers gathered together and commemorated ancestors who had merit to the village. On these occasion, villagers gathered together, strengthened the bonds among villagers and recalled local heroic tradition.

Co Lao village hall was recognized as a province-level architecture and art relic on decision no. 158/QD-UBND dated January 20th, 2010.