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An Dinh palace

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Address: 78A Nguyen Hue street, Hue city An Dinh palace is located in Nguyen Hue street about 2km from city center. Being constructed in the area of over 23.460m2, An Dinh palace is one of the constructions in the palace system of Nguyen dynasty. Emperor Khai Dinh (1916-1925) had the palace constructed on the basis of a small residence where he used to stay. The Emperor had passed away before An Dinh palace was completed. Then, An Dinh Palace became the place where royal families received foreign delegations. Madam Tu Cung stayed in the palace in 1945-1950-1968-1975. At the palace, the traditional architecture of Nguyen dynasty still remains. Gothic architecture is also clearly shown through decoration styles and items such as pillars, archway, etc.

Like other works constructed at the time, westernized construction materials were used in An Dinh palace. Entering the palace, visitors may feel like being lost in the house of a European noble family. Rooms, stairs and decorative patterns are away from traditional style. Grape leaves were used instead of dragon and phoenix patterns. Daisy and lotus patterns were replaced by rose ones.

There are totally 20 rooms inside the palace. What special are the living room and two reception rooms at the first floor. The 6 drawings which describe the tombs of Emperors, namely Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Khai Dinh and Dong Khanh are hung on the living room. Powder color drawings, surrounding glided frames, 26 archways of the living room were made from glided wood and meticulously decorated.

Perhaps, An Dinh palace is home to glided masterpieces. These drawings and glided patterns bring a cozy feeling and make visitors forget its western architecture. The second and third floor were the places where Madam Tu Cung stayed and worshiped gods.

Cuu Tu Dai house is a famous architecture which was home to ceramic interior decoration - a popular decoration style under Emperor Khai Dinh reign. For this reason, Emperor Khai Dinh was called "The son of pieces of ceramics" by French.

Deer and crocodiles were breed in the garden behind the main house. Today, An Dinh palace poem written by Emperor Khai Dinh in Autumn 1920 still can be found on the screen placed on the second floor.
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