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“Mai nhi” and “mai day” singing
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“Mai nhi” and “mai day” singing are associated with rivers and boats. Their melodies reflect the characteristics of Hue rivers which are gentle, slow-moving and romantic.
"Mai nhi" and "Mai day" singing inspired on the river (Photo: internet)
"Mai nhi" and "Mai day" singing inspired on the river (Photo: internet)

“Mai nhi” singing is loved in both rural and urban areas, especially the Huong River. These melodies leave echo on the water surface, in bright moonlight, clouds and blankets of fog. Its lyrics are written in rhyme and slowly sung. Compared to “mai nhi” singing, “mai day” is shorter and stronger. This popular type of music can also be found across Thua Thien Hue province, especially on the Bo river and Tam Giang lagoon.

On full-moon nights, “mai nhi” and “mai day” singing are heard on rivers. By singing, people share their ups and downs. “Mai nhi” and “mai day” are sung in many different forms such as “dua linh” singing and “nang vung” singing (a special folk activity in the south of Thua Thien Hue province).       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