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  • Hue Festival 2018: “Tỏa sáng niềm tin” (Shining faith) art program
    Update 3/28/2018 10:42:16 AM
    Throughout history, Hue is a major Buddhist center in Vietnam. It is the former capital of Nguyen dynasty and Vietnamese Buddhism. Also, Hue is home to hidden Buddhism values and culture which are unique heritages of Vietnamese.

  • Phuoc Tich pottery ancient village’s performance at "Huong xua lang co" festival Traditional cultural activities to be organized in "Huong xua lang co" (the soul of an ancient village) Festival
    Update 3/23/2018 2:36:38 PM
    Within cultural activities celebrating Hue Festival 2018, "Huong xua lang co" (the soul of an ancient village) festival will be organized in Phong Dien district from April 29th, 2018 to May 1st, 2018.

  • Imperial night program
    Update 3/8/2018 4:34:32 PM
    Within the framework of Hue Festival, Imperial night art program will reenact sparkling beauty of Hue Imperial by night; introduce royal dances and singing; organize folk and royal games; combine sound, light effect and modern fantastic performance art.

  • Aodai program themed "Where the legend begins"
    Update 3/8/2018 4:31:41 PM
    Aodai program themed "Where the legend begins" brings together more than 10 designers from the North, Central and South Vietnam. Within program, various aodai designs are introduced through the performances of beauty queens, professional models, over 100 famous actors and singers. Also, the traditional aodai is honored in a legendary space of "Where the legend begins" aodai program. The event is expected to bring audiences the deepest feelings when coming to Hue Festival 2018. Aodai show "Where the legend begins" will be held at Bia Quoc Hoc Stage on April 30th, 2018 8:00 pm.

  • Source: Street parade: “Heritages and cultural colors”
    Update 3/8/2018 4:28:50 PM

  • Trinh Cong Son music program
    Update 3/7/2018 2:19:29 PM

  • Hue Festival logo
    Update 12/29/2017 3:56:22 PM