Xa Tac espalanade

Constructed in April, 1806 (March of lunar calendar), Xa Tac esplanade is located on the right side of the Citadel, Thuan Hoa Ward today. Xa Tac esplanade where Xa God (Earth God) and Tac God (Rice God) sacrifice ceremonies were organized by the court.

Following the emperor’s order, all provinces across the country contributed clean soil to build this esplanade. As Xa Tac esplanade was constructed from country-wide soil, it symbolizes national soul and becomes even more precious and sacred.

Heading to the north, Xa Tac esplanade consists of two square floors. The upper floor whose edge is 28m is 1,60m high. It is painted in 5 different colors (yellow in the middle, green in the east, white in the west, red in the south and black in the north). There are 32 stone pedestals and yellow painted railing on the floor. There are stairs at the middle of the four sides. The lower floor whose edge is 70m is 1,20m high. The front brick laid floor is 1m high. There are pillars at four angles as well as each stage and red painted railing. The rectangle stone wall has 162m long north - south edge and 202m long east - west edge. The wall is nearly 1,20m high and 0,75m thick. There are three gates in the north and 1 gate in each of the other sides. The front screen placed in the southern side is 10m long, 3,70m high and 0,85m thick. In addition, there is a square lake whose edge is 57m.

Every year, Nguyen dynasty organized sacrifice ceremonies in February and August of lunar calendar. After the fall of Nguyen dynasty, Xa Tac esplanade became deteriorated. Prior 1975, Xa Tac esplanade served as soldier family accommodation which is today known as Xa Tac dormitory with over 40 blocks.

Today, the remain of Xa Tac esplanade is an empty plot of land which is equivalent to the square of the former upper floor; one stone stele, lake in the north and front screen in the south.

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