Thuong Bac hall

In 1870, king Tu Duc had Thuong Bac building (replaced by today City's culture house) constructed to welcome emissary delegations. A hall was also built near the river bank to receive merchants. In 1885, Thuong Bac building became Nguyen Van Tuong's mansion, Hau Bo school (a school in which Vietnamese civil servants used to be trained), Uyen Bac school (School of scholars) and Co Hoc Vien (Archaeological Institute). Today, no trace of the former building can be found. Instead, the place bears Hue City Culture house.

Located by Huong river bank, Thuong Bac hall was rebuilt into an octagonal pavilion by new materials (cement and steel reinforcement) in 1921 under Khai Dinh’s reign. The entire construction was built on a 1,3m high square foundation and surrounded by railing. Its front and back sides are decorated with the word "Thuong Bac" made from cement. There is a not very high square pavilion on the upper part. Inside, there is a large yard, two cement lakes with model imitating mountain and 4 delicately carved rock dragons on the two sides of lake. Each of the four front pillars is decorated with lotus on top and a distich written by porcelain describing the beauty of Hue ancient city.
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