Thai Mieu temple

Address: Hue Imperial City Thai Mieu also called Thai To Mieu is the temple to worship Nguyen Lords (from king Nguyen Hoang to King Nguyen Phuc Thuan). The temple was constructed in the South East of the Imperial City in 1804 under Gia Long's reign. It is on the symmetry axis of The To Mieu temple which is located in the south west.

Thai Mieu temple shares the same scope and architecture The Mieu temple. The main palace is built in "multi roofing"style. There are 13 compartments and 2 double wings. The front room has 15 compartments and 2 single wings. Long Duc palace is located to the east while Chieu Kinh palace is located to the South of the main palace. Chieu Kinh palace is opposite Muc Tu palace in the west and the square house in the North. In front of Thai Mieu temple is the three-storey pavilion called Tuy Thanh (formerly known as Muc Thanh). Its architecture is similar to Hien Lam pavilion in The Mieu temple. On both sides of TuyThanh Pavilion, there are short wall, upper bell pavilion, drum pavilion and arch door. To the South of Tuy Thanh pavilion, Ta Vu and Huu Vu houses constructed on the two sides. Entire Thai Mieu temple is surrounded by wall. There are 5 gates. Nguyen Lords' altars are placed inside the main palace of Thai Mieu temple while meritorious officials are worshiped in Ta Vu and Huu Vu houses. The Sacrifice Ceremony is organized once every five years.

During the resistance against the French colonialists in early 1947, Thai Mieu temple was completely destroyed. From 1971 to 1972, Nguyen Phuoc raised fund and construct a five-compartment building on the foundation of former main palace to worship Nguyen Lords.
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