Regulations on developing, managing and exploiting "Tu sach Hue" and its electronic version issued
"Tu sach Hue" project announced
"Tu sach Hue" project announced
The People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province recently signed a decision on issuing regulation on developing, managing and exploiting "Tu sach Hue" (Hue bookcase) and "Tu sach Hue dien tu" (electronic bookcase).

"Tu sach Hue" project aims to republish and make reservation for high-quality publications on Thua Thien Hue province. Placed at Thua Thien Hue general library, centers for culture, information and sports at province and district level, museums and schools across the province, "Tu sach Hue" comes with brand identity. Books published by State publishing houses will be distributed to "Tu sach Hue" across the province. Those published by publishing houses registering for "Tu sach Hue" must feature its logo.

The bookcase shall be developed, managed and exploited on the basis of the demand of each locality, agency, unit and book readers. "Tu sach Hue" application shall be developed on the basis of e-government objective and development; maintain focused, continuous and long-lasting exploitation; exploit current information technology infrastructure. Every year, publications shall be periodically updated. There shall be a variety of publications to meet the demand of organizations and individuals.

This decision also clarifies basis criteria for listing publications; criteria for selecting authors and books; selection council and assistant team; the procedure for selecting, printing and publishing publications; requirements for developing and managing electronic bookcase; granting account and permission for managing component data of electronic bookcase