Phu Van Lau

Address: Phu Hoa ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province. Phu Van Lau is located near the Northern bank of Huong river on the main axis of Hue monument complex including Thai Hoa palace - Noon gate - Flag tower - Phu Van Lau - Nghinh Luong Dinh - Huong river - Ngu Binh mount.

It is the place where Nguyen dynasty used to publicize court announcements and documents such as the King's decrees or the result of Thi Hoi (National Examination) and Thi Dinh (Court Examinations). National congratulation ceremonies were also held in Phu Van Lau with the participation of king, mandarins and residents.

Under Gia Long's reign, a small construction called Bang Dinh (Announcement Pavilion) was built.  In 1819, it was replaced by a two-floor construction called Phu Van Lau.

In 1843, King Thieu Tri constructed a stone stele house on the right of the pavilion to carve the poem "Huong Giang hieu phiem" (Morning boat trip on Huong river).

Through nearly 190 years of existence, Phu Van Lau was restored about 10 times. Accordingly, the earliest restoration was conducted in 1905 after 1904 typhoon and the latest restoration was in 1994 and 1995. Despite several restorations so far, the construction's structure remains unchanged.

Phu Van Lau is a 11,67m yellow tile roofed construction. There are 16 dark red pillars and banister surrounding the entire construction. The ground floor is empty while silk painting frames can be found on the second floor. There are also round windows on two sides, wooden banister and front window decorated with horizontal lacquered board and stylized "luong long trieu nguyet" (two dragons adore the moon) style on this floor. In 1974, some of the wooden pillars were replaced by steel reinforced cement ones.

Phu Van Lau is a beautiful construction of Nguyen dynasty as well as a typical heritage of Hue monument complex.
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