Flag tower

Hue flag tower (Photo: khamphahue.com.vn)
Hue flag tower (Photo: khamphahue.com.vn)
Located in front of the Citadel, flag tower is one of Hue monument complex. After being officially constructed under Emperor Gia Long's reign (1807), Hue flag tower was continuously renovated in 1829, 1831 and 1840 under Emperor Minh Mang's reign. The flag tower consists of two parts including tower and the flag pole.

The 17,5m high tower consists of 3 flat-top pyramids. Each of which is placed on top of the other in descending order. On the tower surface, there used to be two guard stations and 4 cannon positions.

The flagpole is placed in the middle of the highest tier. At first, it was made from wood. In 1846, King Thieu Tri built the new flagpole. In 1904, the flagpole was collapsed due to severe typhoon. Under Emperor Thanh Thai's reign, the cast iron flagpole was built. In early 1947, the flagpole was collapsed again in Resistance against the French colonialists. In 1948, Contemporary Council of Central Vietnam constructed the 37m high steel-core flagpole as we can observe today.  The entire height of the flag tower is 54,5m.

From mid-1994 to 1995, Hue Monument Conservation Center renovated the flag tower with the total expense of over VND 1,5 billion.
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