Can Chanh palace

The bronze cauldron placed in front of Can Chanh palace
The bronze cauldron placed in front of Can Chanh palace
Can Chanh palace was the place for everyday working of the emperor in the Imperial city. On every 5, 10, 20 and 25 of lunar month, the emperor had working sessions held in Can Chanh palace. It is also the place where important emissary receptions and banquets were organized. Constructed in 1804 under Gia Long's reign, Can Chanh palace is the largest and most beautiful wooden structure in the Imperial city.

The palace is constructed on nearly 1m high foundation with the total square of nearly 1000m2. The main palace consists of 5 compartments and two double wings. The front palace includes 7 compartments and two single wings. Entire structure includes 80 iron wooden pillars. Most of the wooden structure is ingeniously and elaborately carved, which shows the admiring technique and fine arts of Vietnamese traditional architecture in XIX century. In the middle of the main palace is the royal seats with two mirror drawings illustrating places of interests and map of country-wide provinces. Treasures under Nguyen dynasty are also exhibited in the palace. 

The palace was repaired in 1827, 1850 and 1899. King Khai Dinh had the palace repainted in the early XX century. Can Chanh palace was on fire in 1947. Till now, the renovation plan is still being implemented.
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