Thanh Trung pagoda (a part of Hoa Chau Citadel) - a province-level historical relic


Thanh Trung pagoda is associated with relics and artifacts of Hoa Chau citadel Located in Hue Citadel. It is the place where traces of Hoa Chau Citadel are being stored without affecting the production and settlement of locals. Therefore, it can be reserved for archeology purpose, to restore a part of the ancient citadel and serve visitors.

These days, there are 04 valuable artifacts, one bronze bell and ancient statues being stored at the pagoda. The middle wooden statue features Shakyamuni Buddha when he attained enlightenment. The second statue features Vishnu on the right - one of the guardian god of Cham people. The 0.47m-high statue on the left is Ksitigarbha Buddha in meditation posture

Vishnu, a God of Cham people was adapted shows cultural interference of Cham and Vietnam. This hundred-year-old artifact has great values in history, culture, fine arts, etc.   

Local cultural values are preserved via festivities, architecture and worshipping activities at the Thanh Trung pagoda. It also contributes to diversifying the system of pagodas in Thua Thien Hue province.
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