Thach Binh village hall - a province-level historical relic


Address: Sia townlet, Quang Dien district

Thach Binh village hall was the place where village founders, Cao Cac Dai Vuong and ancestors of clans who settled in Thach Binh village were worshiped. On the 14th day of the first lunar month and the 16th day of the 7th lunar month, villagers hold ceremony to pray for favorable weather condition and peace. In addition, offering ceremonies are organized on “Dong chi” (winter) occasion, “thuong neu” (pole erecting ceremony) and “ha neu” (when the pole is taken down ceremony).

Thach Binh village hall is the cultural center of villagers. It plays an important role in community culture and cultural development of Thach Binh village in particular and Sia townlet, Quang Dien district in general. The village hall is one of the cultural historical relics classified as important religious architecture in villagers’ life. It is where ceremonies were held to pay tribute to gods and goddesses and make village-related decisions. Despite modernization, Thach Binh village hall still maintains its historical and cultural values.

Thach Binh village’s values were recognized in history, culture, art and architecture. There, tangible cultural values and traditional architecture still can be found. Thach Binh village hall is not only a tangible space, but also a religious space where local historical stages and people are stored. Decorative patterns found in the village hall contribute to clarifying the history, art, architecture and carvings of Vietnamese. These reflected community history, the diversity of traditional village culture in Quang Dien district.

Over 500 years, Thach Bich village still maintains its ancient features. It is a typical model for sustainable residence which adapts to natural condition, living conditions and production over a long period. With values in history, architecture, scenery, etc, Thach Binh village hall should be conserved and passed over.

Thach Bich village hall was recognized as a province-level historical relic by the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province on Decision No. 707/QD-UBND dated 21/3/2024.
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